The best activities to enjoy with friends while at home

With friends at home 🏠

As Australians, we’re practically conditioned to love the outdoors from a young age.

We’re surrounded by an abundance of parks, playgrounds and ovals. There are also beaches, bushland and sanctuaries to explore. So being stuck at home can feel especially boring. Even more so when the weather outside is warm and inviting. But being housebound doesn’t have to be a drag.

There are actually a bunch of awesome things you can do from the comfort of your living room. Better yet, you can corral your friends into joining you and really dial up the good vibes. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, read on below.

Today we explore the best activities to enjoy with friends while at home. From cooking up a storm with your closest mates to wine and cheese tastings conducted via skype, these ideas are guaranteed to keep you entertained.

Host a movie night with Netflix

Miss watching movies with your closest friends?

A recently released extension called Netflix Party allows you to do just that… without having to leave your place.

How it works is that you must first install the extension on Google Chrome. You can then select and view any movie or series available on Netflix AND swap goss throughout using a separate video or voice chat app.

Netflix Party is easy to use and fun. It also synchronises across everyone’s screens so that if one person pauses, it will pause for everyone else too.

Book a wine and cheese tasting evening

If you can’t go to a winery, then we recommend bringing the winery to you with a wine and cheese tasting evening.

Offered already by many wineries around the country, these evenings are prearranged and held via Zoom. The winery will first send you a box containing a selection of their favourite wines (in small sample bottles). They’ll also forward you information on which wines pair best with which types of cheese.

During your call, the sommelier will walk you through each of the wines. You’ll learn how long their grapes take to mature, how many bottles they sell per year and (most importantly) how they taste.

No expensive accommodation or dressing up required.

Recreate your favourite artworks

If you consider yourself a bit of an art enthusiast, then listen up.

Recreating your favourite artwork using whatever you have lying around the house is one of the most fun activities you can do with friends while at home. Just create a WhatsApp group and get everyone to share an image of their favourite artwork. It could be a photo, a painting or anything else. You can then set about remaking this image using paint, arts and crafts supplies or even food.

There are no rules when it comes to this activity. As long as you’re having fun, you’re doing it right. That being said, a prize might provide some added incentive, maybe a voucher for a wine and cheese tasting night?

Learn to cook as a group

Cooking is one of the best hobbies that you can take up.

Selecting fresh produce, sourcing exotic spices and experimenting with flavour combinations can teach you a lot about yourself. Cooking as a shared experience is also super exciting, though. You and your friends can compare recipes and make videos to share on social media.

Whether baking, cooking or simply assembling some sushi, learning to cook as a group has never been this easier. There are also heaps of online cooking classes if you want to go legit. Jamie Oliver hosts a few, as do other famous chefs from around the world.

In short, learning to cook has never been so accessible. Especially so when you can have your groceries delivered too.

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